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017 // grey's anatomy -- trout nazi

cuendillar in cuendillar_icon

11 icons // icon post #003

11 // grey's anatomy icons - text / cast

comment if you are taking and credit to either cuendillar or cuendillar_icon. this post will become friends only after three days, so don't forget to join cuendillar_icon!


Great! I love your text icons, and the Cristina is fan-tab-ulous. :D :p

Nice job! ;)
Thank you!

love those! awesome work!
I'm saving the last one and I will of course credit you if I use it. All the icons look great! :D
Gorgeous icons!

What font is the "no trout for you" icon please?
Thank you! It's cooper black. I think you can find it on dafont.com, but if not, I could send it to you.

Erm, could you possibly send it please? Couldn't find it for free online!


Thanks so much :)
Right click and save target as.

I tried emailing it, but Gmail was being dumb. Hope that works!
Argh i'm sorry to be a pain, but that doesn't work. When unzipped there's no font file :S


Here, see if this works?? I'm so sorry.

you're a star, thank you!
awesome icons. =) didnt snag any though. just thought i'd tell u i think theyre all great!
snagging the "pick me" icon. will credit :)